New7Wonders threaten to re-name Maldives!!!

Eamon: Did you assume we were little black people that live on little sand islands in the middle of the ocean? Photo:

In a letter sent to Minivan News by Eamon Fitzgerald on the 26th of May, the head of communications at New7Wonders’ commercial entity, New Open World Corporation (NOWC), writes;

“Concerning the use of the name “Maldives”, New7Wonders considers any possible action against the use of the name unenforceable and an avoidable waste of public money. It is also a worrying indication for the rest of Maldives society and business that the corporatised MMPRC agency is trying to take ownership and control of the Maldives name that is shared by everyone. However, should this matter be pursued blindly despite its unfounded rationale, then New7Wonders will not hesitate to consider alternative names or designations for the islands of the Maldives ongoing participation in the campaign – perhaps even inviting public opinion to suggest ideas. The beautiful islands and splendid atolls of the Maldives are the true potential natural wonders, even under another name.”

Seriously Eamon? Thats the same as someone saying they can re-name Coca Cola an try and sell it as their own.

Brand “The Maldives” is a multi-billion dollar a year business industry, of which, us Maldivians are the owners of. If a war of words or a legal battle is all you want, please continue with your rhetoric, and we will indulge you with the same. The more this gets drawn out, the better, because the publicity the Maldives get out of this is invaluable. Probably better for business than participating in your stupid competition to begin with.

To acquaint yourself with how us Maldivians came to be with such a profitable business name in the first place, please read “The Name of the Maldives“.

Please visit No7Wonders for more information about the fraudulent activities of the New7Wonders foundation.

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